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Hjalmar Blind Raven (Not On Label 2017)

   Obviously, not too formal to be called your tribulation and trials of Epic Heavy Metal pagan like the artworks might showing the listeners but no gimmicks but real powerful metallic sounds to the battles, berserker and bashing skulls or bizarre beasts to fight and conquest as thus trampling weaken followers must be left behind to die and wandering alone to the top of the mountain or the depth of the secret caving – eliminates everything in your way like the war-hammer and gritty Southern Metal riffs like a sonic weapon brands hurdling these Asheville – North Carolina thundering herds of trio: Jason on drums, Chad on bass guitar and Micah on guitars/vocals keeping their steps once at the time, driving the haunting spirits of the mountain and ghouls away from harming their quest; Skulthor Ebonblade by Temptation’s Wings probably is a lesser-known Doom/Stoner Metal recording ever released last year and you’re lucky to have them now.

Eight tracks on the lists with rhythmic force on bass-line, feedbacks, mighty riffs a’la Maiden or Priest or even Aerosmith in one combination through Witches of Dredmoor, Laid of The Gorgon Queen, Into The Maelstrom and I’Destroyer – confronting the creatures of the dark to be your long blade victims.

Skulthor Ebonblade: