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Hereditary Demons (Independent 2016)

   Tay the vocalist, double riff-shedders Steve and Nick as the drummer Nik behind the sets and bassist Bennett standing for this Massachusetts’s Crossover Thrash Metal collaborators playing mostly, Heavy Metal mixed with Hardcore style; Ritual Blade’s self-titled debut extended play record pleasing your sick minded craving on satanic nor mystic and supernatural exposing type of fast and crushing music performance fans.
   Cheat Death and Hive Mind onto Cold Hands or Justified Murder as well as Ungrateful Son strongly, confirms that thus smoking signal was out telling the rest of the room visitors to either kneeling down and obey or run away for their lives – from being whether sacrificed into the head-banger event as an offering victim or stabbing someone’s chest and cut open took the heart. 

Ritual Blade: