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Helicopter Crash (Varese Sarabande 1997)

John Frizzle with James Newton Howard attempted on making the good composing musical over Dante’s Peak (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) would be the thumbs up works where the tunes kept the lesser-known scripts mixed pretty much well since the tragic happening struck a survey volcanologist Dr. Harry Dalton in Colombia but years later the seismic activity case in Washington area of a dormant strato-volcano named Dante’s Peak also known as local tourist attractions for hot water-spring bathing and the natural surroundings; being slowly threaten as the facts that facing by Rachel Wando the mayor with her kids Graham and Lauren resulting horrific calamity like boiled couple on a hot pond, disturbance signs and small earthquakes alarming the town-folks the great disaster will be coming shortly just like the data being collected by dis-harmonic research by Harry and Rachel as the sulphur-dioxide already contaminated the water supply, the debris almost kill a researcher team unit realizing that only some matter of time to the volcano to erupts again. 

The scenery tunes matches within On The Porch, The Evacuation Begins, Sinking on Acid Lake, Stuck in The Lava or The Rescue leads the audiences witnessing the terrible events of eruptions as the hottest lava bursts out flowing to engulfs everything as the explosion gases happening as well destroying the almost entire place to the ground. Luckily, enough to at least – spreading the evacuation signals and saving many before it strikes the disaster almost consuming Harry whom left escaping the mine as the retrieves radio-beacon distress followed by the catastrophic events obliterating the paths of devastate town area.