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Heffalumps Woozles (eOne Music 2010)

   Did you realize that the tidal waving groovy musical superb in those instrumentals tension within the highest techniques playable by the mainly metallic Classic Power Metal style of an American project taken by the influential video gaming and Speed Metal one togetherness untied relations favorites on hope performance quite controllable and awesome to hear – thanks to the rock-heads of Boston, MA’s community consisting of Alex Berkson (guitar), Nick Avila (bass), Bassil Silver (drums) and Ben Cohen (live guitar) was men behind this rabid influenced habitual roots to the likes of X Japan, Malice Mizer, Gunther, Dragonforce, Sex Bombs with many other pressings to blend Chiptune, Arena Rock, Symphonic Metal to Power Speed Rock variations solos and demanding beats to head-banging game-addicts following the fascinating tracks of troubles and heroic moments through The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, Batman, Transformers, Inspector Gadget, The Flintstones and Gonna Catch Em All showing you the craziest progressions made well by the Powerglove group on this undeniable recording entitled – Saturday Morning Apocalypse.

Saturday Morning Apocalypse: