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Heartbroke Busted (Warner Bros. 2015)

   Sofia Vergara shows up as sexy as usual became Daniella Riva when her husband Felipe who supposed to be testify against a drug cartel Vicente Cortez assassinated by pairs of masked killers whom also murdering deputy US Marshal Jackson whose given secret assignment with Rose Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) a screw-up synonymous and too intense San Antonio police woman with hard ethic but thus field ineptness got her always attached with mess. Lucky Rose and Daniella on the second floor of the house soon finding themselves with a suitcase run away together from the danger zone – escaping another officers with the killer tattoo clue head-out to Dallas.
The adventure continues within this Hot Pursuit comedy film that guarantees to making you and your partners laughing much to watch fleeing girl couple with their sarcastic attitudes against each other soon turning to the good relationship as Daniella whose always looking fashionably hot and Rose whom coming usual can manage to testify on court but before that happens plenty actions appears in front of them like how Rose still thinking that Daniella would just run off then cuffing her to bedpost, the pretending of them to be a lesbian lover, uncomfortably failure on stealing a pick-up truck or the time Daniella told the real story about all her expensive shoes collection inside the suitcase are actually, studded with fake diamonds revealing on how Cortez do the money laundry while the actions escape plan continues with simply hilarious shit things to make you smile. 
   The soundtrack recorded with huge numbers of various artists and great tracks from different genre as well being compiled or composed by Christophe Beck with Elle King sang her awesome interpretations on Tom Petty’s hits cover American Girl, Nossa brought the Latino fever through Carnavalera, Lynn Anderson (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden; the Rn’B remixing stars like Mark Ronson featuring Mystikal on Feel Right, Charli XCX’s Break The Rules or Family Show by Deluxe really caught the scenes pretty much glamour, sexier, fully action and fun to watch.

Hot Pursuit Soundtrack: