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Hardly Disciple (PopLlama 1993)

   Andrew Molloy, Eric Lowe, Graham Watson, Kevin Lee and Rob Nesbitt bragging their seminal faster standard riffs and tempos as proclaiming BUM as their Punk-Pop band hailed from Victoria, British Columbia (Canada) and lying about themselves dreaming over these mild rebellious contents in Wanna Smash Sensation like the comedy jokes for another version of Social Distortion untouched binge sounds but happier as skater pops from the tunnel back to see the lights and fifteen tracks listed there approved the band’s intentions to spreading more joy and positive lyrics to their friends and listeners with no experiences to meet Punk-Rock before through Debbiespeak, Wedding Day, Mallory, Instant Kool Ayd, I’m Not One; A Promise is a Promise which followed more and more of thus melodic Rock n’ Roll and good background vocals – altogether unite rocking the beginning of the sucked working days !

Wanna Smash Sensation: