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Hannibal Chau (WaterTower Music 2013)

   Fiction of Sci-Fi action figures for giant man-made robots with weapons and lethal weapons build to intercept and protecting the last remaining community of mankind against what seems to be called the sea monsters from the deep of Mariana trench which actually, learnt by military scientists as Kaiju – a mythical Japanese folklore/alien creatures which coming through the inter-dimension gate sending by the more advance subterranean terrestrial intelligence life forms who can breeding those monsters to attacking every single human cities, fortress and underground bases as destructible targets.
The tragic story of Raleigh and Yance Beckett the pilots of Gypsy Danger Jaeger robot against a kaiju leave Raleigh losing his brother as he then retired. But rather than efficiently, building the walls more Jaeger being destroyed because there’s lack of good pilots and more attacking from the kaijus sending Raleigh back to his assaignment task under the command of Marshal Stacker Pentecost. Along with Mako Mori, Australian strikers team of father and son; Russian juggernaut siblings and China’s three handed shaolin-based jaeger robots – they must not only defending Hong Kong as the last standing homebase for many humans but also because of the researching from two Kaiju fanatic freak experts knowing that trhough the drifting between human brains and kaiju might bridging the visions to us seeing the moves they’d make later before it’s struck down. 
   The detonation of nuclear-reactor bomb inside the womb-planet on the otherside of the dimension will closing the gate forever needs to be proved by the team of the braves robot’s pilots in fighting the last gigantic monster as Pacific Rim movie did very well to entertaining the audience through the heroic story and advance wonders for high technology as well the soundtrack composing by Ramin Jawadi and various artists performing the tunes of mixture between instrumental scoring and Hard Rock sounds via Tom Morello guitar’s buzzing performance to The Shatterdome, Canceling The Apocalypse, mako (feat. Pricillia Ahn), We Are The Resistance, Fight The Monsters We Created Monsters onto Stiker Eureka or Call Me Newt. As The Breach brought something fascinating with the tides and waves coming in for defeating the evil monsters; Pacific Rim defenders are your new figures of future heroes in need.