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Half Spheres (Back Lot Music 2013)

   Murdered good dedicated cop went to a place which isn’t heaven as the comedy-action-horror movie of R.I.P.D (stands for Rest In Peace Department) begins with Boston Police officers detective Nick Walker and Lieutenant Bobby Hayes stealing gold shards from regular duty with Nick buried his share on the backyard under the orange tree as than before Nick changes his mind to put the gold back next day – on duty Bobby shot and kills him; Nick then drawn into the sky vortex to the afterlife. Responsible for reuniting souls refused to entering the afterlife known to be a disguising monster/humans “deados” co-working with Roychepus Pulsipher the former US marshal recruits as well Nick by the hot lady Mildred Proctor (the head chief of R.I.P.D) for preventing the field mission: interrogating suspected deados, discovers the perpetrator of gold stealing evidence – now with a new identity for Nick as a blonde sexy babe while Roy turning to short ugly chinese whilst involving futher deeper chasing the deados hulk monster around town – attracting normal humans and causing panic.
   Christophe Beck comparing his works over the distracting comedy meets actions and a little bit horror on the composition of stage screen scoring music within not only orchestral but also live band instrumentals through Partners, Orientation, Evidence Room, Elevator Chase to The Ascent as they’re goes on to pursue A Powerful Artifact or Fat Elvis by the chance as R.I.P.D then reveals the end of their investigation leads to Nick former dirty cop detective partner Bobby Hayes as the powerful deado trying to build his mission for the obelisk of gold with the staff of Jericho and human sacrifice which being chosen for using the kidnapped Julia (Nick’s girlfriend) to reversing all the soul’s flow from earth to afterlife. Nick rushing in to save her and together with Roy killing all the deados before a farewell time happening between Nick and Julia. Got the new appearance a little girl scout might giving you a good last laugh for Nick with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds starring the movie.