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Grianach An Latha (Shee Records 2008)

   Contains of the blends of traditional contemporary Folkish music and songs arranged much well by the newcomer for MG Alba Scots Trad Awards group of all-female musicians as impressive as Pop-tuning to younger generations that won’t really spreading boredom but awesomeness along their sounds as you might wanted to check Lilias Klinsman-Blake (flute), Rachel Newton (electro-harp and voice), Shona Mooney (fiddle), Olivia Ross (fiddle and voice), Laura-Beth Salter (mandolin and voice) and Amy Thatcher (accordion and clogs) with the producing team by Duncan Lyall and Stuart Hamilton over this revelation debut taking the grand designs of traditional compositions from Gaelic, Scotland, America-Folk and these maiden of UK really valuable as they’re The Shee introducing the beautiful artistic musical performance via Lady Margaret, Chilly Winds, MacCrimmon’s Lament; Happy Halloween, Here I Am and The Drunken Duck – brought thus medieval times or Appalachian breeze whispers to find your curious ears for loving them girls nominated for launching their Folk traditional/Bluegrass music as acclaim to be one of the best.

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