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Green Thingie (Super Track Music Group 1999)

   Classic television series affections parody on comedy telling us about the group of alien beings calling themselves Thermians as led by Mathazar showing on a fan conventions of sci-fi lovers which featuring the former cult of the all-star casts of a space-adventure television movie Galaxy Quest: the sexy Gwen Demarco, Alexander Dane, Fred Kwan and Tommy Webber to the most-worshiping Jason Nesmith while meet the thermians requesting their expression needs of help from the casts to fight the reptilian creatures army led by warlord Sarris that already destroying many planets including the thermians but failed to destroying them all as these survivors population with high-tech escaping and build two spaceships with one exactly, prototyping the NSEA Protector spacecraft from the series Galaxy Quest.
   Funny moments happens as the rest of the two teams did both heroic and dumbo moves on the space adventures where they finding out that the power core supply must be found on some kind of desert mining planet inhabited by smaller carnivorous creatures like teletubbies and the giant rock monster or the evading crafts onto a magnetic minefield from Sarris who wants to eliminate every single last of the thermians. 
   As contemporary David Newman composition’s works through the music from the soundtrack album via Revealing The Universe, The Launch, Pig Lizard, Rolling Sphere to Digitize Me Fred ! and Quelick’s Death did the entire musical background as well the introduction casts like The silly handler Guy Fleegman, the serious bravery of Dr. Lazarus/Alexander Dane to the joint-operations led by the courageous smart Commander Peter Quincy Taggart/Jason Nesmith with the rest of the crew and the tentacle beings in human holographic of good Thermians hand in hand combating the rest of the intruders army of Sarris in a hilarious but also dramatic ways.
The activated Omega 13 gives back the moment for Nesmith to exterminating Sarris for good while self-destruct sequence being shut-down within the help of super-fans Brandon and his nerdy friends communicator on Earth and the entire crew of Galaxy Quest finding themselves back among their fanatic fans – screaming aloud cheering them up.

Galaxy Quest OST: