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Gott Ist Tot (Independent 2017)

   Ligne Deux, Smelly Star, My Heart is a Wall or Rape and Run must be some of those angst of many young teenage girls and women around being suppressing by the world of men daily; uniting more that ever as waiting to have their own revenge – in a slower or faster ways just like the trio of female Punk-Rockers from Paris, France purchasing their idealistic thoughts and themes for the inspirational reading about Nietzche, Johnny Rotten and Palm Olive; forming this band – simple as Gomme (means rubber) as they’re releasing this record called Hiss with complicated cover front as the music as well  for Besty – bass/vocals, Lauren – guitars/vocals and Hannah – drums/vocals and ms. Roszkowiak written all the intriguing lyrics via their Post-Punk Goth Grunge and Dark-wave potential sounds; making the Wuthering Heights echoed to radiates within the soft-sweetener distorts and gloomy vocals floating flawless Telecommunication …