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Godmorrow Fondly (Independent 2017)

   Did she loves to writing tracks or did she loves to dance ? In her presence of youth beauty and much talents to signing-up to the new world communication today; face like Bianca Scout might be marketable but showing no authenticity as well unless you praying that her self-releasing of Dislex-ia recording compilation will make this London girl musician capturing someone’s interest to listening more carefully and sharing the small moments of a weird artwork on musical practice by recording tunes and some other experimental beings sound or noises as reflected here through the harmonic glitches like on Let My Hair Down, Sweet Little Lies to Pre, Energy, Patience to Yur Grammas Don’t Mean Shut To Me or even Confessions and Motif – courageously, not trying to spend her time dreaming about sport car or fast living but enjoy her every moments with the direct hit for at least, creating something that not sounded sell-out but not silly on the same time differences.