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God Only Knows (Geffen Records 2009)

   Greek-descends flowing onto this Adelaide’s rocker-chick guitarist heroine – Orianthi Panagaris as her own song-writer and singer musician now based herself in Los Angeles, California with the portfolio career blown-up sparks when she’s being picked as Michael Jackson lead guitarist on tour and comeback concerts for quite a while as the media spotlighting her within strobe-lights right on the right place and then, through her second solo album in the making perfect for a good talented guitarist/female Pop-Rock singer; the releasing on Believe by Orianthi that’s carrying her loves on Modern Rock, Emo-Pop, Hard Rock, virtuoso six-strings and Pop-Rock course pointing the brighter future for this rock babe to the closer world over the teenager’s world and reality among dreams sweeter but not created for many but few. 
   Such a lucky girl with her talents flaying straight like a great flag on the making for her own steps career in Rock Music history following some of her influences and favorite figures performing her best Arena Rock displays there through the songs like Bad News, Feels Like Home, Think like a Man, Untogether, What’s It Gonna Be, Suffocated; Drive Away or the hits single ruling charts everywhere – According To You which showing the independent and strength of woman to continuing lives not being dependent no more, no way. 

Rocks On, baby !