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Go Now Muzik (Distressed Film Limited 2016)

   Conor founds out that moving to his new school life is such a bored because his dad the architect who loves drinking and smoking decided to saved money by moving the youngest son to Synge Street CBS – in south inner city Dublin with hard adaptation to the worse bully acts all day long haunts him but luckily, soon finding out that his love for music encounters Conor to Darren a buddy entrepreneur as well as the aspiring beauty model Raphina as then the video shooting plan and more band managed members found like the multi-instrumentalist Eamon; playing cover songs of the eighties on the living room as the older brother Brendan told them to writing down their own original materials as the assorted wearing of make-ups and costumes make the band called Sing Street like the movie title looks unfamiliar around the school community started to noticing by some.
   As his parents falling apart but his relationship with Raphina getting warmer; the train journey to the dock and seeing ferry leaves Dun Laoghaire erupts their dreams to be successfully going to London. Great soundtrack by several legendary names from the Mod/New Wave music catalogs are there for Original Motion Picture Soundtrack such as classics tunes performance by Duran Duran’s Rio, Town Called Malice by The Jam, Inbetween Days from The Cure and Maneater to Steppin’ out from Joe Jackson to Daryl Hall & John Oates as well as the original self-written music by the band through the catchy tracks like The Riddle of The Model, Brown Shoes and Up to the romantic sweet of To Find You may breaks the stunning acts but reflected the beauty relationship and dreams coming true as the band did their first and last shows at the school prom night – entertaining most of the attendance and kids rioting to the school staff as the rocking spirits shone out to be ended up pretty well for Conor.