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Glimpse Hope Sin (Cardiac Records 2015)

   Strange (but seductive for some) looking-female figure may be found exactly towards the looks upon Madeleine (Eleine) Liljestam the vocalist with her troops band members Rikard Ekberg (guitars/growl), Sebastian Berglund (keyboards), David Eriksson (drums), Andreas Martensson the bass player and you might realizing that the band that came hailing off Landskrona, Sweden brought their Symphonic Rock beauty sounds within them sharing through the releasing methodic album debut of self-titled as Eleine bursting its Goth-Metal, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal as the powerful granted and slower tunes medium magic sparkling for the audiences via Destiny, Land Beyond Sanity, Gathering Storm or Turn to Dust; savagely – magnificent cruel not to interest your sense to ignoring them.

Too delicious and groovy blossoming – too mysterious and strange to skip from our collections !