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Glider Zub (Bitmap Books 2015)

   The finest moment for the sinclair zx spectrum in a cutting edge technology studio presentations marked the next inventions from one of thus infamous video game music composer like Allister Brimble exposing his works as an Electronic Ambient and Techno-New Age like pulsar beats sounding by arrangements and experimental efforts over The Spectrum Works album. Along himself there are some collaborators idealistic talents like David Whittaker, Rob Hubbard, Brian Moore to Mike Alsop, Brian Marshall and Jonathan Dunn making the way this delicious modern junkies for gaming addiction had a presented time-limits via the soundtrack of instrumentals as the facts that robotic musical won’t sounded tremendous if it’s not essentially, produced smartly like this one as titles like Saboteur II, Agent-X, Robocop, Beyond The Ice Palace to Hydrofool, Fairlight and Platoon pops the beat out savagely – softer and friendly entertainment.

Grab it in no time !

The Spectrum Works: