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Fuzz Minor (Epitaph Records 2017)

   Emotional-Pop and non-stardom Indie music or Soft-Core tempo slower coming in and as plenty members showing-up by the formatted composition like David F. Bello on vocals, Joshua Cyr (bass, harp, synth, vocals), Tyler Bussey (guitar, banjo, synth, vocals) and Dylan Balliett (guitars, vocals), Christmas Teti (guitars, synth, programming) with Katie Dvorak (synth, vocals) and Steven K Buttery on percussion and vocals really presenting these bigger band style but owning their simplicity for performing Folk-Rock onto Pop-Punk and Indie Rock project within the longest name possible to came in their minds; The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die fits or it isn’t …
   Releasing this permanent full length recording entitled – Always Foreign might be the puzzling answers on how the rural atmosphere as well as Post Hardcore influencing the beginning and the end of their reigning thus brass sections for tuba, trombone, trumpet and violin with Sarah Cowell, Chad Matheny, Bernard Parsons and Aaron Weiss for their additional vocals presence making the songs like The Future, Hilltopper, Faker, Gram; Dillonand Her Son onto Marine Tiger exclusively, sounding fully reflective to catch by someone’s clever minds.

Always Foreign: