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For Her Crow (Bandcamp 2015)

   Lisbon, Portugal messengers of Dream-Pop for the catwalk society musical sounds creature are these ((ASA)) by the combining of thus female angelic vocals and two cities collaboration touches trying to bridge the distance between David Francisco and Melissa Veras from Porto.
   Exposing their blender magic through Electronic Ambient and Post-Classical tempo of rainy walls of falling water as well to those fairy whipping and pleasure mixed feelings for lovers beyond the complete releasing onto their best album Closer – comes with the softer beats, European Electro-Pop touch and semi-complicated lyrics themed over twelve songs correctional by confirms as Hidden in The Forest, Aurora, Lights, Nurse, Skies and more through Happiness and Fox/Wolf that leaves as a blurry sweetness which follows us sleeping within the grip for the calling on gladness of a conversation with a stranger - male or female with odd-good looks.