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Fire Melenie (Atlantic Records 1990)

   Changing their names like several times at the beginning … from Voices to Cheetah or even Meridian but before the settling happens the lucky parts on the final choices led the five-pieces of these rock-heads musician from Pearl River, Louisiana as Baton Rogue with Kelly Keeling, Scott Bender, Lance Bulen, Corky McClellan and David Cremin playing their good choices on Hard Rock or Glam Metal energy colors of standard beats happen to be so popular at that time around the late eighties and the early nineties era.
Seeing the band’s presenting a debut recording with the helpful Jack Ponti and Vic Pepe signing to the bigger label and pointing their pathfinder to the reflective tremors themes and lighting solos melodies rock-out loud enough and the harmony vocals backing the magic burst of this AOR Heavy Rock music and Ahmed Ertegun smiling to have them. 
Shake Your Soul is the record that has almost pretty much good tunes that can easily brought to your driving time pleasure off the highway without afraid to crash as Walks Like a Woman, Doctor, Bad Time Comin’ Down, It’s About Time and Big Trouble may capturing Young Hearts in the middle of positive energy to go on crossing the edgy living with faith to rocking.

Shake Your Soul: