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Fiberglass Cheescake (Web Of Mimicry 2010)

   Expects the unexpected while your ears still stronger enough to apply the test driving over the parts of incidental project of metal noise experiments and Progressive via the Philadelphia resonance groovy distorting head-banging crazed mutations brought to the surface by Cleric – the group that consisting of Matt Hollenberg (electric guitars, baglama, design) Larry Kwartowitz (drums, percussion), James Lynch (bass guitar, tenor-on, theremin), and Nick Schellenberger (vocals, keyboards, percussion, bass guitar and design) coming to the frontal venue of this Pennsylvania anger management music metallic typhoon blasts through the orthodox recording of independent Regressions.
As the opening door displaying the unknown matters on the other side of thus dimension; Allotriophagy, A Rush of Blood, The Boon or Cumberbund which coming in like a hammering invisible plague and sweet touch of mysterious death upon the audience really skipping the rest of the meaningless others of empty spaces in between the durations of progressions which contains the longer nineteen minutes and twenty-three seconds to thus twelve minutes and six seconds to the Poisonberry Pie’s pit-stop station to deafening your eardrums permanently destroyed by the blending of Noisecore, Post-Hardcore or Avant-Garde Metal. 

Don’t go bigger the volume if you listening it alone but as everyone gathering to make this life more miserable – it is gladly, clear that you blast the themes out of this world for good !