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Feel Like Giving In (CF Records 2016)

   Without too much hope to play an alternative to everything they’re created within the sounds of cold, sorrowful and pretty much of Drone musical plus the New Wave beats in a distinctive guitars through the band’s fifth full length album as the grown of confidence hitting the stride for Soft Days recording for not try to bring their comforted genuine joy or terrific fuzzy Pop that sounding less catchy but sheltering climate for any of the outsiders of sound-easy to receiving these Belfast as being inspired through some kinds of ghost guitars, bleached grass or sea glass making confidence to the trio musicians: Steven Henry, Davey Agnew and Neil Brogan as they’re holding the thrill-eclectic snapshot grown melodic and English weather atmosphere influencing the sounds for Ordinary Daze, Trend When You’re Dead, Green with Envy, Down Dog, Yr Horoscope and Depth of Field – feels tighter to be ignore but on the same time; blinded your sight facing the last stories ever heard through Soft Days.

Soft Days: