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Fausta Reaction (WaterTower Music 2017)

   William Moulton Marston’s wife creating the idea of Wonder Woman and made into comic super-heroine until the legacy of her taken to the better limit in much bigger sparkling and reasonable story-board as the director Patty Jenkins and the production house found the perfect figure of interesting, brave, strong character and goddess-like beauty all in one package on Gal Gadot (the ex-Miss Israel) turning to be actress.
As Diana Prince the daughter of Queen Hippolyta of The Amazonian warrior women in the island of Themyscira trained to be a kind person whose rather than hurting people ; helps them and those who in needs rescues the American pilot crashed his plane crossing the dimensional gate between but dragged the Nazi Germans troops following him as well to destroying the Amazonian warriors palace, fought together to drove the enemy out but closely after being interrogated for telling the truth by Diana’s lasso of Hestia Steve Trevor and her romantically, attached. 
Rupert Gregson-Williams did well the scoring musical soundtrack of motion picture with the beautiful composing and further intrigue tracks such as History Lesson, Angel On The Wing, Pain Loss & Love, No Man’s Land to We Are All To Blame and The God of War or Hell Hath No Fury. So, following him to stop the further destruction by the Germans war technology suspected to be helping by the godly power of Ares – the sons of Zeus and the god of war; Diana goes travelling to Paris and London with her mother’s blessings wants to help the allied force from the consuming greed and wicked thoughts of chief chemist Isabel Maru whose inventing not only mustard gas for the Ottoman Empire but also the rest of the world domination in every way possible. 
Diana – now being well-known quickly, as the amazing, beautiful and brave Wonder Woman crossing the western front for defeating the germans in all possible power she can but in the end – she’s the one whom actually being tricked by the peace speaker figure - Sir Morgan as the disguising God Ares by using the iron-fist Third Reich General Erich Ludendorff or Isabel Maru on destroying this world by endless wars but finally, defeated by Wonder Woman whom infiltrates, fighting and killing the bad guys but sadly, losing her beloved boyfriend – Steve from the plane explosion. 

Leaving the mourns Wonder Woman pledged to help mankind since then …