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Faulty Scaffolding (Varese Sarabande 1997)

   Selectively chosen to disguising or adapts to the hostile environment among animal world; the American Sci-Fi Horror film by Guillermo Del Toro known as Mimic has given Mira Sorvino, Jeremy Northam and Manhattan people a dreadful nightmare about a malfunctioned spreading disease of cockroaches created the CDC genetic engineering on what they’ve called Judas breed – to accelerates the enzyme of roaches metabolism as they’re starving to death faster than nourishment stopping the strickler’s disease from infecting children but the later on effects may causing even larger danger to the suburban civilians especially, those whom living near and inside the subway area. Some immigrant shoe-shiner many and his special boy Chuy found out there’s something wrongly happening around them as a weird giant bug or Mr. Funny Shoes are actually, a colony of Judas creature monsters – carnivorous insects that breeds in large number and can mimicry the shape of humans as the investigates is on the way.
   Large eggs sac, the killing of missing bums or children by the reportedly, same stranger assailant and abduction leads MTA officer Leonard with CDC expert Peter, Dr. Susan and Josh entering the labyrinth of downtown tunnels as they’re lost their way to be surrounded and attacked by the creature insects hybrid while trying to save Chuy or themselves. Marco Beltrami’s Mimic (Music From The Dimension Motion Picture) tells us about the flashback event on Children’s Hospital, Press Conference, Priest Dies, Investigation Begins onto Locker Room or Alone in Den with Slow Tango; as the horrific situations where Susan trapped inside the bug’s lair filled with corpses or how a local priest died by the hybrid attack through the hidden plan collectively on an old train to trick the Judas breed sense of smells using their own kind dead bug’s extraction as the attempts to go to the surface on a baggage elevator turns out to be the final fight when the big male insect destroyed and the town – even shadowed by uncertain death fills the blown out gas tunnel for a while being saved from the invasion of giant carnivore roach colony.