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Etude Songeries (Sound Mind Music 2011)

   The game that created by Mihai Tymoshenko as Contre Jour would be a kiddie meet adults addictive physics-based puzzling of the focus little blob creature named Petit at his own unpredictable adventure refers to the maneuvers locomotion around in manipulating gloomy dark environmental in various area to achieved the sparkle blue glow as well as collecting smaller glowing dots as well before managing to find the way out to the next level.
   As designed spectacularly clever by digitalize the surrounding world of the blob - petit to visits as well the beautiful funny sweet and mysterious soundtrack instrumentals composed by David Ari Leon for Contre Jour within the fantasy collective chamber musical orchestra via Le Mystere De Contre Jour, Les Monstres, La Nuit onto Machine or Le Monde de Contre Jour delivering your time of excitement for playing the game as the adventure of our little blob meet several obstacles, distractions but objective and reasonable to be loved by its players. Thanks to the Ukrainian developer Mokus and Chillingo for the developing.  

Contre Jour Soundtrack: