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Esquire Frugal (World Domination Recordings 1995)

   Influenced by the heavier likes to Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, James Brown and Tom Vu; these band from Atlantic Highlands, NJ can easily be called by the audience as a big group psychedelic rock tuning crew as names like David Kopperman, John Adamo, Jarett Kertesz to Chris Guice, Mikael Jorgensen to Erik Paparazzi or Craig Smith are coming in to perform their musical recorded materials for this debut of Progressive Pop-Rock and Alternative sounds to give you another choices on the midst of ninety-five over this causal soft distorting and standard tempos via Fashionably Lame.
   Listening to those repertoire listing and high scream that celebrating rocks off the grid as musical tunes blasting in medium volume must be lovely to enjoy with lemonade or pancake syrup morning. Go for She’s a very very fat fat Weirdo, Costume Jewelry, Soft Focus A.M, Depp in The Heart of Tejas, Howard’s Machine as well as I See France; sounding plenty weird but on the same time vinyl-ing a modern !

Fashionably Lame: