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Entering Bloodstream (La-La Land/Warner Bros. 1987)

   Won the best of visual effects in Academy  awards and the awards of science fiction, horror and fantasy nominated for this American Sci-Fi comedy movie – Innerspace which might inspiring the next generations about how the secret miniaturized experiment and thus microscopic seminal subatomic in a lab being monitored by the rivalry scientists led by Dr. Margaret Canker which sending the storming troops to steal the equipments and technology while the process for resign commission inside the small pod submarine – naval aviator Lt. Tuck Pendleton has been shrunken then incidently, injected by Dr. Ozzie onto Jack Putter a grocery clerk.
As the story continues with Tuck finally manage to contacting communication with jack the host through the attaches inner ears letting him to help find the way to the machine and make Tuck back to the original size again. Funny moments with the confrontations to a henchmen – The Cowboy, the labs staffs and grumpy chaser agents as well as Tuck’s cute girlfriend – Lydia Maxwell trying their best to preserving back the nano-sized tuck on a pod revealing the evil plan for selling the technology and saving the day with Lydia known later to be pregnant – before Tuck’s out of oxygen supply. Scoring contemporary music over Innerspace (Original Motion Picture Score) by Jerry Goldsmith sounded really classic and marvelous to be intact to the film itself. 
   Most of the scientific scenery shall amaze the audiences as the tracks of instrumentals about Let’s Get Small, Supermarket Nightmare, Lab Gas Attack, Bicycle Chase, Mission begins, Environmental Adjust or The Second Pod/I’m Dad should be appreciated with respect for this idea to creatively making this inspired story to the theater – showing people that it’s not impossible to make this technology happens.