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Emily Never Stay (Raytown Records 2016)

Formed as a New Wave group to the South Dublin area of Ringsend during the midst somewhere on the seventy-seven era as for several years later disbanded unfortunately but yeah, it didn’t took forever for Brian Foley, Frank Duff, Jake Reilly, Paul Clarke or Paul Grimes to reunifies again as a band and The Blades coming back to lauch not only the live recording album but a new one via Modernised. 
A beautiful modern-classic of absolution for thus sweeter tracks opening for the record which not only most people would loved but includes the influential sounds of song-writings that can make even Paul McCartney proud. 
Trumpet blows as horn sections capturing your attention over Then Came You; the first funky track On The Town through Two Dimension or Kingfisher Blues – splashing the electric-feelings for a granted grand romantic illusions sounds that teasing every Pop-tunes lovers with the vocals reminding us for Elvis Costello works and the external atmosphere keeping song like A Love We Won’t Deny as well as I Have Changed (Almost New) spreading soulful aspects portraying the view across the river’s edge for empty factories under the horizon clouds.