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Embryo The Rescue (MCA Records 1993)

   Most well-known powerful objective movie making around Dinosaurs and the malfunction creation of cloning technology sponsored by In-Gen where they’re owning an island facilities to stocked and processing the cloned dinosaurs to be displayed on the theme-park soon opening on this directed by Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park based on Michael Crichton iconic novel. Centering the dino park owner John Hammond, the experts paleontologists Dr. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, mathematician Ian Malcolm and Hammond’s grandchildren Tim and Lex must experiencing the various feelings while invited to stay at the site of Jurassic Park movie compound for the weekend. No thanks to computer geek Dennis Nerdy whom crashing the computerized security system of the place while stolen the cans carried of dinosaur DNA’s to be sold out to the higher buyers before Ray Arnold fixing the mistakes but too late.
The thrill begins as nerdy dies; the fellow main characters are still enjoying the auto-car tours before the power’s out leaving them stranded closer to the cages with live dinosaur on it ready to break loose. No guaranteed what’s going to happen when you build an amusement park with plenty ferocious dinosaurs hatched from the eggs inside the labs within the process of completing the DNA chains with the additions from rare frogs or reptiles that needs to be observed again before things gone wrong. 
   The composing conducted of instrumental music scores by John Williams works such on Journey to My Friend The Brachiosaurus, A Tree For My Bed, Eye to Eye; Incident At Isla Nublar, Hatching Baby Raptor and much more tunes truly might be the second extraction towards the mighty epic atmosphere you ever felt like the first time watching the movie; excitements and smiles soon turning to screaming for help and blood-bath as the rampaging malfunction system releasing all the dinosaurs like the hungry T-Rex runs amok; the pack of killer Raptors on the loose attacking and eating the staffs including the hunter Robert Muldoon. 
Escaping and survival instincts soon taking over Dr. Grant, Malcolm, Ellie and two sibling kids must climbing the high-tower cable fences, going through the woods and reset the computer to maintaining the system to work again with fierce raptors and the rex hunting them but also the audience would have their own beautiful magnificent experience over the outdoor places and the herbivore dinosaurs herd panorama.