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Ein Ganzes Jahr (Aorta/Ahnstern 2005)

   Fronted their performance by Gerhard Hallstatt – this unique Folklore/Industrial active unit Allerseelen off their Austrian roots innovative genre which specified into the apocalyptic expression or approximate contradiction by embracing the sensual female vocals, the traditional music performance with the full of energy as dynamic qualities from both female figures accompanying him as Noreia the bass player or Christien H behind the drums; as the spoken words leading the atmosphere to crossing the winter hales weather by the white mountains by magical spells of protections or the folklore as Kraut-Pop to NeoFolk counting the firm minutes on the duration beats of the rhythmic Electronic re-mastered compilation for Edelweiss.
With the backing or featuring vocals from Gaya or Rosa or Josef and M. Percht – the tracklisting kept on playing your irresistible mystic aura in the air floating and encircles within the slower tunes Canco de Somni or Vino e Cuore to the faster stomping of Strumlied and the medium chants of charms in Sonne Golthi-Ad. 

The Ambient-Kraut-Industrial-Folk of the new old pagan beliefs straight to conquering the heart of Europe once again as the mountain flowers did meant something stronger.