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Earth Gladness (Capricorn 1996)

   He’s not the actual really military colonel but can easily bring the excitement rock-out features as the making of this Alternative Psychedelic-Pop Synthesizer rocking show within his Fiji Mariners featuring Col. Bruce Hampton means a business sound to creates and selling right to the proper audience. Jazzy Country to Rock N’ Roll, Alternative Pop displays on keyboards mutating and splashing drums like it’s the fourth of July presenting Cheap Trick but in the flesh – one might experiencing how courageous the essential album recording on Fiji here – quite amusing as the songs been written by Bruce C. Hampton (alias Gustav Valentine Berglund III) himself with Dr. Dan Matrazzo as well producing it and the good art-direction by Diane Painter making thus creative products on editing of cutting and glues revolution arts inspired by UFO and futuristic themes as the tracks singing Quicker Than Lightnin; Dolores, Pleasure Seeking Fiji Disco Women; Raining in My Car as well as Met My Soulmate might really pleasuring as ensemble sections to enjoy by matures.

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