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Dwr Budr Somewhere (Internal 1996)

   One of the used to be infamous names among the upper-standard times when Electronica music seems to be the new digitalize sounds bursting higher in between the Indie Rock or Modern Metal and Paul and Phil Hartnoll brothers of the brilliant musician makers united under the name of Orbital as being founded longer through the eighties and leading their Techno-outfits with loops and more experimental experiences on mixing or blending mostly things that can producing noises and the shaping over their remarkable works just like the magnificent both modern or traditional master-piece through In Sides recording as this six tuning albums brought the facts that attracting many people’s interest via the good mixture among abstract Break-beats, IDM to Ambient and Electro. 

   Awesome to be left behind and ignored causing your head and minds wandering just like thus figures and shapes like liquid on the front cover artworks turning alive and creating another dimension within as Adnan’s or The Box or P.E.T.R.O.L and The Girl with The Sun in Her Head seems making sensible thoughts intact on such a miracles invisible island where we are invited to get on the rave party over the beach-side where peace is no longer a concept but reality to catch and shared to non-selfish beat addictions and party goers of humanity-loving.

In Sides: