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Dustbin Suggestion (Bandcamp 2016)

   Consisted of Amorin (bass), Arjo (guitars), David (drums), Fer (vocals) and Jota (guitars) – these A Coruna, Spain Melodic Punk-Rock or Galiforniano Rock like the previous NOFX followers playing the fastest tempos and sounding themes to the problems written and lyrics sharing onto thus standard but also triple-powered on struggling and rebellions characteristic of the reality on Punk-Rock possible to be the agent of changing via Restart (LP) recorded by Morgen group; loving them or hating them would be your choice and it’s your only to decided. Awakening the dead culture of non-patriotic and united community which is against the bigotry as well as short-term thinking about nationalism or racial prejudice and fascism with their vocalization sounded like Bad Religion in some parts and NOFX on the other hand.
Stupid, In What Becomes My Life, Our Leader, I’d Rather Be a Tree, In The City all the way through Ask a Question or Road to Nowhere may creating a good newer opinions in your head rather than just following the commanding commercialism.

Restart (LP):