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Du Warst Mein Leben (Ariola 2013)

   Wolkenfrei is your Euro-Pop Techno trio from Germany as schlager as popular to catch by the most fanatic music-likers on a standard European people and very Pop music listeners but not familiar for those outside the continent perhaps as the three Marc Fischer, Stefan Kinski and Vanessa Mai composing their materials to be as easy listening as it possible in order to expanding more listeners upon the lesser-known career of them and it’s not a bad idea to working on within the examples of their Pop goodie tracks and beauty female appearance to thus simplicity beats to be enjoyed among small parties, drinking bar or club momento over the track-listing songs like Heimlich Nach Dir Gesehnt, SOS Prinzessin In Not, Endlich Wieder Ich, Verbotene Sehnsucht or Ich Versprech Dir Nichts Und Geb Dir Alles among others for your – Pop Disco lovers in German lyrics to taste how the European youth finding their beers escape or sexual contents free tips by the using of too much House-Pop Techno alliance sounds like this Endlos Verliebt !

Endlos Verliebt: