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Droogies Bend (Racing Junior 2005)


Agnete Kjolsrud (lead vocals), Christian Wibe (lead guitars, backing vocals), Chister-Andre Cederberg (rhythm guitar), Lars Imre Bidtnes ((bass guitar), Thomas Emil Jacobsen (drums, percussion) or Alexander Ralla Villnes (drums, percussion) has becoming their own – themselves as proclaiming band representing Norway’s Alternative Metal or Modern Nu Metal and Rock sounds as Animal Alpha; featuring their single through internationally recognition on Burnout Revenge and Burnout Legends gaming that need no more reasons or further introductions to make yourself head-banging harder following their Symphonic melodious emotional screamo-rocking tension themes picked by the band to be written down and spawning the debut Pheromones recording – with ten great tracks like Most Wanted Cowboy, Catch Me, I.R.W.Y.T.D furiously clashes within the group’s images that surroundings the member-band looks like the real adam’s family troops playing Hard Rock and Goth-Metal ferociously as the modern wiccan-based backing up the pieces glued back by these Norwegians.