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Doubts Left (Rejuvenation 2014)

   Hardcore au French du Paris forming elements for fast and raw beating beats over Punk Rock rebellious acts may be brought closely to your effective safer place but Crippled Old Farts featuring Benoit Fleitour, Greg Reju, Guillaume Sandret or Stephane Delevacque promising themselves that this time they’ll not going to be a commercial customers for thus capitalism brand anymore. Approval by these second recording from them on Free Drinks In Hell as either bass guitar smacking face or the light-beer poison trauma themed might reconsidered as a wrapping messages tales on the thirteen songs written and blasted out like a dynamite explosion on the truth for brutality must win over wealthy or envy and Improved Images, Regulated Existence, Switchblade, Rats in A Maze, Funny Like a Funeral, Success Money and Scheme or Dark Secrets coming like freaking immediate distortion danger through your stereo system – infecting the loser youth to fighting back the normal bastards !

Free Drinks in Hell: