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Domino Syllabes (Jaz Records 2017)

   I Really Can’t Imagine goes non-sophisticated sadder by the story-lyrics blended causing ears to listening a bit closer focusing the smaller subject on how themes can be unluckily, chosen not because you have experiencing them but sometimes – it’s just happening without a warning. Concrete as well as Don’t Want to Fall Asleep or Prove Your Sweetness is Hidden might also passing towards the gentile and the generosity on how a guy named Lt. Frank Dickens as an alias of Daniel Geddes whom is a poet musician from Vancouver, BC needs to sharing these whammy sounds of half Jangle-Rock and alter-egoist ideas on recording his sophomore type influenced by either Dylan, Williams and even New Wave Goth to rise within the Sour Bubblegum. The experimental Folk acoustic songwriting with the help of drummer Connor Mayer as the rest of all vocals, guitars, bass, synth and tambourine performed by Lt. Frank Dickens himself. 
Have you heard him before ? 
This is your chance if you wanted to …

Sour Bubblegum: