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Dogfight Walking (Legendary Digital 2015)


   The attempts for containing the following viral outbreak event by F.E.Z.A (Federal Emergency Zombie Authority) based on the video game picturing online reporter Chase Carter with his camera-woman Jordan Blair covering the stories from the inside walled people being quarantine as the set in between the events for Dead Rising 2 or 3 but within this one it’s only Dead Rising: Watchtower. The antidote that found by experts experiments that keeps containing or administered those infected clearly, didn’t work out as planned but the military trying to controls the numbers of the infected zombies and the outbreak for their own purposes later also reveals; as the purging town by outbreak again effective on infecting more healthier inhabitants as the framing on F.E.Z.A for giving bad Zombrex (anti-viral virus drug) then turning everything in chaos with ravage zombies attack, dying people being eaten alive and infection spreading while the army shooting everyone that moves the target for Chase and Jordan is finding safety away from it. Meeting with a grieving mother Maggie and gorgeous female survivor Crystal O’Rourke (Meghan Ory) in bloody fighting actions against the infected zombie horde breaking in their perimeter just popping information that the army planted the government-mandated chips on the infected as bad Zombrex implanted to the refugees as well as Chase finally, reveals the sabotaging Zombrex and the evil plan commands by General Lyons as for Chase and Crystal – escaping to survive another day carrying the truth speaks for itself while the proof itself in Jordan’s hands lied waste as she’s captured and probably, killed by the military as the footage showing Dead Rising: Watchtower soundtrack music deranging the events per events of this Horror-Action movie composing and compiled by Traz Damji, Oleksa Lozowchuk and various artists collecting the chunks or flesh pieces as bloody mouth and bitten attacks us all from every surrounding area like one being trapped with the rest of the refugees and inhabitants inside the infected town within Blow By Blow, ZT Pulse Sunset (Traz Damji), Drowning in Blood by Skulltape, Cultists On Board rocked out through The Darkest of The Hillside Thickets performance onto the original tracks from CapCom Oleksa Lozowchuk’s composing Electronic-Industrial instrumentals like Ambient 1 and Resistance really can terrifying the horrific scenes and thrilling moments related to the movie itself.