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Do You Need Some ? (Mercury 1993)

   Alternative Rock plus Hard Rock combination for the real threat transforming over many groups on Heavy Metal genre back to the nineties beginning of Grunge evolution swept the Glam Metal/Hair Rock or other hardening rock music besides them must be making only choice for some rockers to following the sudden trend or at least, being creative by making new kinds of music Cross-Over by Danny Vega or Matt Mercado and to this; Mind Bomb must be the band that you need to pay attention to because their only album release and the rocking music armed sounds seems to be unique with the portable deeper riff-age, power groovy beats and electro-industrial and Hard Rock blender sharing these manufactured pleasure towards the audience of metallic music to have a modern new one inside the self-titled recording.
   Magic solos and short-choruses sometimes catchy or ridiculously out of this world can be heard freely via Almost There, Segue, 40 Days, Goodbye Everything and Daisy Chain – for the over-looked to the near future where doomsday predicted; society collapse but the life goes on in a little less responsibility.

Mind Bomb: