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Disappeared Jassie’s (Seahorse Recordings 2013)

   Listen carefully – for the good quality and standard cleverness techniques of your different type systematic sounds for Indie Rock experimental music making and because of their Catania, Sicily (Southern part of Italy) background can easily spreading differences on more noises and loud drenched of psychedelic introspective as nine written and composing tracks brought down to this local targeting record which can also attracting more listeners and audience from farther places to put their interest on the Loveless Whizzkid group trio: Davide Iannitti (guitars, vocals), Enrico Valenti (drums) and Gabriele Timpanaro (bass guitar) not because their salvage sounds didn’t closely similar to let’s say – the modern bands like Foster The People but more onto the late nineties’ Grunge plus Psychedelic Garage with an addition of half-percent of Led Zeppelin versus Spinal Tap version fits for Indie-Pop community to loving them.
   We Were Only Trying To Sleep would be thus album that not only having a house gecko or lizard sign in front but actually, expressive within their expressions to express out just like those examples tunes as Axelle in Wonderland, Blue Butted Baboons, Lovely Ball of Snot, We’ll Really Miss You Santa Claus... all the way through Billie Joe’s Colorful Laughter might be so impressing in rhythm as well as thus softer distorting quality beats off the Italiano connection of Indie Music scene.

We Were Only Trying To Sleep: