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Dirty Drugs UK (Big Tomato Records 2015)

   Psychedelic Rock and Garage buzzing creations as creatively didn’t care if the echoes voice would never attracting people to liking them but luckily, these France crew band members of Wild Wild Wets got their chance to be heard by the media of music and Indie Rock fans as the releasing on the album debut entitled 14th Floor really gets the formation off vocalist/synthesizer player Mike Turi, electric guitar Taejon Romanik as well as the bass player Yegor Mackey and Marco Piro the drummer written and composing their mid-standard sounds like a desert-tinged themes blown by the wind slower in motions while the end of sunlight vanishing to the horizon leaving the twilight zone ringing bells over the ears as this melodic tunes like average rock via Faith Aged, Floating, Crawl or So High may took your imagination freed further as the evening laughs …

14th Floor: