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Different Rain (Blinding Force 2011)

   Eyes of the audience will definitely staring at the female lead singer for a very very long time – meet the blonde, curvy, sexy and hot front-woman as well as the band Echoterra with Melissa “Missy” Ferlaak on vocals, Jonah Weingarten (keyboards), guitarist/bassist Yan Leviathan and the drummer Adam Sagan purchasing their Symphonic Metal rocking tunes with the clearly, operatic voices, clean guitars, fast drumming and great leading keyboard melodic plays performed by these Minneapolis, Minnesota group as you might self approving through the musical album releases of Echoterra to pick there.
   The good example to the listeners must be taken from this Land Of The Midnight Sun recording which consisting about twelve tracks available as the art of noises produced by the band really counting as the good selling point to share on the music market as well as the leading figure of their sexy female singer – adding the plus points over the brighter colors shining for the alignment of figures, shapes and displays on harmony signs universally, calming as the stars recently fell asleep under the conscious of mankind; a brand new. 
   Powerful balancing of beauty and rocking phase resurrects via The Ghost Within My heart, All The Lies, The Best is Yet to Come, Unleash The Flood, Welcome My Friend of Misery, From The Gutter to The Throne or Genes of Isis – tells us exact proper folk-tales of both dreams and nightmare scaled in balance on this !

Land of The Midnight Sun: