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Dice Wizard (Out Of Season 2017)

   Gentle vibes, peaceful joy tunes of Spring went out to meet Summer; the new layers appearing as ancient old traditional of the loving tranquility beneath your tavern atmosphere where outside weather is cold, dark and not friendly – the ginger ale taste and the piece of barbecue meat as well as the pumpkin cake should filling up your stomach as this type of Folkish/Elven musical project called Feif – the Salt Lake City – Utah’s Dungeon Synth-Pagan Folk sounds giving the share of re-fresh after a tiring day wandering across land. Electronic ancient-based of the olden days musical performance and preserved Medieval tones surroundings really cool to have within this album from Fief entitled – II.
The tremendous live-harp strings and harpsichords effects adding the more delusions imagining over your day’s farther from problems and rampaging bandits or banned kingdom forcing you to pay high taxes but the gentlemen king and gorgeous queen; lovely princess and bravery of the knights defending the land and preserving mother nature just like the harmony Folk-tunes playing through Dawnlight Warms The Castle Stone; Deep Forest Dance, Peddling Potions and In The Secret Glade of The Shy Dragon – successfully, creating a point of no return where force of magic and supernatural energy exposures met each other and blends or passes through …

Fief's II: