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Diaspora (Self-Released 2017)

   Deep, complex and rapturously compelling hot to hear for days should be a good objective thoughts pops out while listening to this future Soul singer Wallace Gollan stretching her fabulous talents as a kind-hearted as opposites on the same time but brought her Rn’B to Electro-Pop themes recording there under the title of Pole To Pole. New Zealander resides to be a permanent resident of Sydney as Wallace being recognized for these six well-being served tracks of good tunes like Raffled Roses, Havisham, Black Lake or Negroni Eyes which carries the possible writing talents from Wallace mixed with the helpful Godriguez, Love Supreme, Mohi X Mango and Crooked Letter productions to make this great first try worth a listen and blending Jazz, Neo-Soul, World Music and Hip-Hop to a package that making her brownish dark brunette looks sparkling !

Pole To Pole: