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Devour Damage (InVogue Records 2016)

Kansas City, MO will bringing back the nostalgia feelings for your middle of two-thousand Punk-Pop which is missing by the today’s scene that might not be comparison as these five-piece rockers with Ohio-background features for Blink-182 or Taking Back Sunday as Hazing the crew has their sing-a-long choruses with some songs that you might cannot easily forget after listening.

Even Mona Lisa is Falling Apart, Tumbler, Fisher King, Shepard’s Tone and Entr’acte to Fever Dream may filling the Introvert casual battering on Pop-Punk products available within the recording release on Hazing’s Disconsolate. Post-Hardcore to your stereo in its most catchy tunes ever exported again out for US soil to the global listeners are here – presented by the lonely bird and modern city-scapes melting its feeling obscured and blends to something unspeakable.