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Determination (Sony Pictures Animation Inc. 2009)

   Swallow Falls – an sardine-fishermen island in the middle of Atlantic used to be popular for the sardines products and company but for a while it’s forgotten the old story and develops as well as Flint Lockwood creating his scientific transformer machinery in high-tech known as Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator (FLDSMDFR) labs but tricky using the power-plant before the malfunction thing blasted away with widespread damages around town resulting not long after that an anonymous weather changes as the intern climate above Swallow Falls wrapped by rainbow as then, raining cheeseburgers for the starts as the residents not only having their fully various choices on food menus everyday but also attracting tourists destination coming to visit them by ferry.
   As town-folks and greedy local mayor pushing Flint to maximized his machinery works faster, bigger and high productions on those foods which being disagree by flint’s own dad but keep continuing until there’s a giant explosion destroying the machine system to make a bigger disaster as all the monstrous food menus begun to destroying the town and island area causing panic and many kinds of destructions – then people blaming Flint. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs not just showing us hilarious funny things like morbid creations of Flint like Rat-birds; spray-on-shoes, hair-un-balder or a flying car or food storm through the new name for the town as Chewandswallow; the romantic meeting with the weather report girl – Samantha Sparks and Flint’s smart monkey pet Steve or Pedro the multi-functions assistant – hand in hand trying to save the place by locating and destroy the food machine forever as the scoring soundtrack composed by Mark Mothersbaugh inflicts the sophomore theory about things might easily wished for but never thinking twice later for the consequence would be your lesson today from this animated movie as Raining Sunshine by Miranda Cosgrove, the instrumental scoring Ice Cream Wonderland, Meatier Shower, Snowball! To Mayor’s Big Plan brought things amazingly, shown to the eyes and spectators as well as Doubting Dad and Mutations to The Spaghetti Twister can make us realized the wonders of false malfunction technology can ruining our ordinary living surely, fast that you think – but lucky for Swallow Falls … being saved as Sam and Flint Bond together !