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Demystification (4AD 1996)

   Topolino release might be a smaller similarity to the fully length album of Lush’s record on the same time but this choice there really concern about thus B-Sides tracks but the themes chosen will always be the same for Miki Benrenyi (lead vocals, guitar), Emma Anderson (guitars, vocals), Phil King (bass guitar) and Chris Acland (drums) playing their Shoegaze/Dream-Pop alerts a little bit slower than the beatable repertoire on the real album but Topolino feels more peaceful as the performance from these Londoners group contracting your sensibility over the romance-tinged and friendly relations of warmth season before summer; singing the eclectic I Have The Moon, Ex to I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend that sounding catchy onto Matador that seems to be reflected the fully awareness to the steps you might taken later on in this life before regret’s came. 
Mini car and more Japanese teenager tourists may spreading Lush’s lust music of Indie-pop romance to your friends in short time since the play button being pressed not because I’d Like To Walk Around in Your Mind arrives.