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Deluge Infidel (Self-Released 2015)

   Been awaited for a bit longer and technically, calling it a college short story project as drummer Annachie Myles unsatisfied with the mixes trying to do producing from several difficulties on both sides within the line-up all-stars collaborators from Bumblefoot, Freezepop, Edobean to Ample Renitence as Freen in Green working via The Planet is Dead EP musical just sounding like a collapsing frets off metallic Progressive experimental Electronic Trip-Hop representing Winnipeg, Manitoba and people whom listening to it might be addicted or bored but depends on your own perspective for this.
   The Desolate City (feat. Bored Psycho), Quarantine Zone, Noise, No Reprieve for a Witness (feat. Ample Renitence & Pill Battle), The Uprising, Overthrown (feat. The Mysterious Shuffler) or to the bonuses tracks – ready to be the nerdy dates on an animated band without a genre to attaching with.

The Planet is Dead EP: