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Defeat Road (Interscope Records 1999)

   San Jose, California’s last of the lasted Punk-Ska and Alternative Rock band releasing their good powerful Pop albums since the previous debut followed by this second entitled of Astro Lounge still consisting for Steve Harwell on vocals, Greg Kamp on guitars/vocals, Paul DeLisie (bass/vocals) and Kevin Coleman (drums) with Michael Klooster on keyboards, Mark Comp sci-fi styling, trombone player John Gove, Dana Ptatter on xylo-fun to Eric Valentine (additional keyboards and vibes) with DJ Homicide bringing their futuristic sophomore ideas commencing within thus high-tech antenna broadcasting the entire good Pop-Punk and Indie Rock and Latin-tinged tunes from Smash Mouth within thus sexy hot red-haired robot waitress, seats reserved only for them and atomic energy orbiting station completed with a valet parking computerized and many great happy songs like Who’s There, Diggin’ Your Scene, I Just Wanna See or the ballad-coustic through Waste – the soft melodies track embracing broken-hearted romantic as some audience might getting lost listening to the Radio Satellite and Home above the truth that this second recording can delivers more various materials rather than the first one !

Astro Lounge: