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Dedication (Universal/Colosseum 2006)

   Directed by Paul Greengrass as the story of this horrific event of the chronicles on board for the unlucky passengers of the hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 as the real-recording black-box and re-imagines of what’s happening exactly on board over the mournful September 11 morning as United 93 bound for San Francisco at Newark Liberty International Airport filled with some ordinary passengers (then becoming heroic patriots) like Tom Burnett, Mark Bingham, Todd Beamer, Jeremy Glick as well as the cowardice al-qaeda affiliated terrorist Ziad Jarrah, Saeed Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed Al-Nami and Ahmed Al-Haznawi planning their terrible plot on hijacking the plane and using it as a suicidal tools for targeting major-government place of points and buildings as there are another more hijacking planes at that day also facing the same fate as United 93 for being hijack and crashing right onto the World Trade Center buildings confusing the FAA national operators and the rest of stunned by the horror destruction of New York city as well as Pentagon and the miss-targeting white house.
   Ben Sliney reported that American Airlines flight 11 from Boston and United Airlines flight 175 also being hijacked but the different story happens for the bravery patriots passengers on board inside United 93 whom decided to act fast and coordinate for their plan to taken over the flight and disarming terrorists on board having timer-bombs and weapons after taking hostages after killing the pilot.    Mass panic but several names of veterans and brave souls on board with the coordination with the airfield, FBI and police authority as well as experts then taking their chances to fought back the hijackers intensively – agonizing and scary to imagine or watch … 
The works of John Powell did for the soundtrack songs of Classical orchestra instrumentals surely, cannot predict the next things happening but along the way of process giving much hopes, courage and faith to executes the right decisions to stop the plotting terror from continues in Prayers, Pull The Tapes, Take Off, 2nd Plane Crash or Phone Calls and The End – ensures the death of all passengers of United 93 saving United States from more destructible results on that day of sorrow. 

Blessed the souls of the brave …