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Deadly Stairwell (Super Tracks Music Group 1997)

   Amazon elusive tribe village hold many magical things that westerners will ever understand as the studied for a tribesmen herbal soup turning John Whitney an anthropologist cursed before he went back home to the Chicago Natural History Museum from South America using the cargo ship as the mysteries starting while the vessel arrived in Lake Michigan with its entire crew missing only left some severed body parts and heads to Chicago PD Homicide to investigate while Dr. Margo Green (evolutionary biologist) just examine Whitney’s crates with her mentor Dr. Frock with another slaughtered happening to the security lures detective Lt. Vincent D’Agosta and Sgt. Hollingsworth to move their search-area there as the upcoming exhibit important opening to the new section of the place soon to be held. Discovering the concentrated fungus hormones in several animal species and mutated giant beetle possessing the reptilian/human matched while the dead body victim tells her that the hypothalamus is consumed from the brain – missing as the rest of the case blurred so the exhibition could considerable to go on.
   The Relic movie directed by Peter Hyams showing how tribalistic folklore can be useful for damaging cause as the creature Kothoga send out to drove away the invaders from the local tribe’s village area; but here on The Relic; the actual victims are the visitors, important guests and many spectators of the gala opening night facing their nightmare beast feasting on their flesh and lives trapped inside the malfunction building. In between the chaos situation – D’Agosta, Margo and Hollingsworth help some of the last guests to escape through an old mining tunnel while Kothoga the beast was actually, John Whitney transforming because he drank the herbal medicine given by the tribesmen before being destroyed by an explosion. 
   The thrilling moments or sounds capture like a terrifying experience within thus recording score musical provided by the instrumental music composer by John Debney in one hour and six minutes playtime of Grim Discovery, Through The Lab/Skyline/Lab Analysis, Electrical Work/Hammered Steel/The Callisto, Swatted or Lucky Bullet shall accompanying your scare-timing over this Sci-Fi Horror film.

The Relic Soundtrack: